U.S. Storm Shelters Exterior Shelters for Schools

Protecting Our Children

Necessary preparation and protection of children at school from deadly storms is now a constant concern for parents, communities and school districts. Following the terrible storms in Moore, Oklahoma in 2013 many administrators and parents spoke out about the dire need for storm protection but were frustrated by the the million dollar costs typically associated with large community shelters. We are aware that school districts across the nation struggle with ever tightening budgets and it is our goal at U.S. Storm Shelters to create solutions that fully protect children at a price that districts can afford.

Costing Example and Specifications

  • A school with a total of 500 students and staff
  • 40 Original Concrete Shelters Installed - $171,800.00
  • 2 Large Interior Safe Rooms - $21,190.00
  • Total Cost - $192,990.00 plus delivery if applicable
  • Savings vs Large Single Shelter - $807,010.00

Limitation of Liability (Design)

U.S. Storm Shelters, LLC cannot predict actual performance of any structure for tornadoes or severe storms but our designs incorporate current knowledge to best protect the occupants. The engineer and fabricator shall not be obligated or liable for actual, incidental, consequential, or other damages to users of this shelter for any purpose, including those installing or maintaining thereof.

The U.S. Storm Shelter "Original"

Shelters can have classroom identification and set up in banks or rows to your school's specifications

Built to exceed standards recommended by FEMA, the Original is constructed of 6,500 PSI concrete with fiber and 3/8" grade 60 rebar on 9" to 12" centers throughout. ,

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As a Producing Member of the American Tornado Shelter Association, we manufacture fully tested and certified "LOW-COST" storm shelter solutions that can protect children and school staff from death dealing tornadoes. Our shelters can be installed in banks or rows making best use of the available land around the school. Each group of shelters comes with brightly colored, numbered doors to allow students and teachers to practice storm safety drills and have assigned shelters ready and waiting to protect them in the event of an approaching storm.

Each U.S. Storm Shelters Original shelter can protect up to 12 adults or students. Coupled with our interior safe rooms for the mobility impaired, we can protect a school at a much more affordable cost than can be obtained with large, single location, community shelters.

The 2014 Tornado Season is heading our way along with many more in the years ahead. If you are considering storm safety solutions for your school, please give U.S. Storm Shelters a call to discuss your needs. We will be glad to meet with you and provide turnkey, total cost solutions that will provide excellent safety solutions and save your district hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shelter Comparison Chart

Concrete 6,500 PSI with fiber and 40+ year rated
self-sealing waterproofing
6,000 PSI or less with fiber. No waterproofing

Warranty 15-year limited warranty against leaks 10-year limited warranty against leaks

Concrete Reinforcement More steel - 3/8", Grade 60 rebar on 9" to 12" centers Less steel - 3/8", Grade 30 rebar on wider centers

Replaceable; 10 gauge steel; 4 hinges;
3 latches
Non-replaceable; 10 gauge steel; 3 hinges; 3 latches

Door Hinges
4 stainless steel & powder coated
3 plain steel, primed only

Door & Stair Coatings Powder Coated Primed only

Door Handle Pad lockable with safety override so
occupants cannot be locked inside
Pad lockable, no override

Ventilation Made in USA, 110 MPH hurricane rated,
Made in China, 35 MPH rated, standard rotating

Certification / Grant Qualified Producing Member - American Tornado Shelter Association - All shelters tested and certified Varies

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