Mighty Mite I - $2,795*

Mighty Mite II - $3,595*

Mighty Mite III - $3,995*

* plus tax & delivery if applicable



The Mighty Mite

Personal Safe Room

Over the years we have had many requests for a very small, very basic safe room that could fit in the space of most coat closets and still deliver the safety of our largest tornado shelters. Now there is an option for the smallest of spaces that beats a bathtub and a mattress hands down.

Designed for rugged protection with the same EF-5 certification as our largest shelters, the Mighty Mite line offers excellent safety inside your home with a small footprint and a small price.

Mighty Mite Closed Mighty Mite Open

Built with the same high strength materials of our standard safe rooms but with outside dimensions of only 26 1/2" inches x 38 1/2" inches, the Mighty Mite I offers excellent protection for 2 standing adults. The Mighty Mite II is slightly larger with outside measurements of 33 1/2" inches x 46 1/2" inches for 3 standing adults. The largest, Mighty Mite III has exterior dimensions of 38 1/2" inches x 50 1/2" inches allowing for 4 standing adults.

Due to their small size, the Mighty Mite doors open to the exterior. Because of this design requirement, each unit comes standard with an emergency exit wrench stored inside the shelter. The entire safe room can be disassembled from the inside out should the door become blocked by debris following a storm. When closed, the door is secured using three tubular steel cross bars set into a system of welded brackets. 

All Mighty Mite safe rooms are anchored using the same Hilti system used on our larger, full size safe rooms. They come standard with an interior LED light and optional dual Kwikset deadbolt locks are available.

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