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>> What to Consider When Choosing an In-Ground Storm Shelter

Get the facts about in-ground concrete storm shelters

Recommended considerations for in-ground storm shelters:

Certainly there numerous storm shelter manufacturers and installers out on the market. Arming yourself with a few questions as you consider purchasing an in-ground or concrete storm shelter will not only save you money, but provide added security for you and your family or business from dangerous or severe storms.

  • Look for certifications of a Producing Member of American Tornado Shelter Association
  • Make sure that the concrete shelter is built to exceed FEMA's recommended standards
  • Ask about waterproofing the shelter for protection against leaks
  • Make sure your shelter has been individually tested
  • Concrete shelters may require a permit, depending on jurisdiction’s building code of the location
  • Ask about ventilation and hurricane rated
  • Make sure it's rated for
  • Concrete shelters normally cost less than safe rooms, but fewer options may be available
  • At times, there may need to be surveys conducted for underground utilities
  • Concrete shelters are in-ground and can provide greater safety below ground
  • Accessibility for neighbors

US Storm Shelters manufacturers and installs both concrete, in-ground storm shelters and interior safe rooms.

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