U.S. Storm Shelters - Recent NEWS:

>> Three EF-1 Tornadoes Leave Damage Throughout Stephenville, Tolar and Cool Texas

Extensive storms throughout Dallas and Fort Worth leave flash flooding, high winds and damage.

Beginning early Tuesday morning, tornado warnings were issued throughout Tarrant, Paker, Johnson Van Zandt, Henderson and Hood Counties. The National Weather Service identified at least 3 confirmed EF-1 rated tornadoes that included winds exceeding 85 mph and mild to heavy rains.

While leaving damage to Tarleton State University and a foster home in Stephenville, Texas, thankfully no children or students were badly injured. Additionally, a trailer park in Tolar sustained severe damage and some personal injuries from one of the identified tornadoes exceeding upwards of 95 mph winds. Later in the day, The Colony received severe damage to more than 12 homes and 4 barns, but no personal injuries were reported.

Throughout Tarrant County, there was damage to a church, several schools were left without power, and Tarrant County Community College NE campus cancelled classes. Traffic lights, gas stations and other buildings sustained minor to extensive damage due to the high straight-line winds brought on by the grouping of storms, extending through Tuesday. Flash flooding occurred on several roads in Denton, which were closed due to high water from the thunderstorms that began early Tuesday morning and continued through DFW until evening.

Tornado season is just around the corner for North Texas, normally starting in the month of April. Be safe, stay tuned into your local weather and news for updates in your area, and remember to take shelter if the need arises.

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