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Storm shelter installation is all about service and delivering the best possible security solution to our customers.

For U.S. Storm Shelters, storm shelter installation is all about service, delivering the best possible security solution to our customer, and effectively communicating to them throughout the process. It's not uncommon that homeowners are nervous and worried about the process, but from our first conversation with you, we work to resolve any fears or worry by addressing every detail of the process. This encompasses your property, the initial arrival, ground preparation, sizing and location, as well as assembly and finishing process.

From the start, we begin with reviewing up-to-date satellite imagery of your property and assist in identifying access points as well as multiple potential location sites prior to delivery. This provides both you, the customer, and us with a visual and detailed way of preparing for the installation before we arrive on site. Additionally, we like to have your input on 2-3 possible locations you might consider installing your storm shelter. Normally, we recommend an approximate area of 32' x 54' in size that is in an an easily accessible area for you, your family, or your friends so that you can reach it quickly in the event of a dangerous storm or tornado warning.

Upon arrival, we will walk the property with you to determine the best spot, and finalize the plan for installation. This includes answering any additional questions you may have and confirming position and facing direction to make accessibility and safety the foremost priority. As the excavation and installation begin, we normally plan for about 3 1/2 hours time to prepare the ground, complete the excavation, installation, and finish up the process. We welcome you to observe and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

We hope that you find the installation process comfortable and reassuring throughout, as much as we know you'll enjoy having the on-site shelter to protect you and your family or friends from dangerous weather conditions.

If you would like to see a brief video of one of our installations in action, simply click here to watch one from one of our satisfied customers.

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