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>> Customizing Your Shelter

Storm shelters don't have to be barren and uninviting, consider finishing out the inside and exterior of your shelter!

When you think of the interior of a storm shelter, what is your first impression? Unfortunately, for many, the inside of a tornado shelter isn't the most inviting place. This doesn't always have to be the case, however, as it's very easy to customize the inside of your shelter to make it more comfortable. The interior of our concrete shelters can be finished out as nicely as you wish.

Electric can be run through the base of the vent shafts, the walls can be painted, the floor can be carpeted to help with echo, and the interior can be furnished however you choose. A homey shelter can make riding out severe weather much more comfortable, just be sure to account for the necessary supplies you may need such as water, flashlights, and a battery powered radio.

The exterior of the storm shelters can also be done up rather nicely. We've seen the hill around the shelter transformed into a tiered garden, or in a few cases the shelter has been placed underneath a soon-to-be-built deck or porch. Storm shelters can be customized in whatever way you can imagine, so don't be afraid to let your inner interior designer or landscaper shine through!

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