U.S. Storm Shelters - Recent NEWS:

>> Be Proactive About Storm Safety!

Ordering a shelter during the less-active months can pay off!

When the sky is clear and sunny it may not seem like acquiring a storm shelter is a top priority. Why would you need a shelter when it's so beautiful out? This is a common mistake, as many people wait to order a shelter until a deadly tornado has already put them at risk. Not only is it dangerous to enter tornado season without any protection, but the waiting list when the skies are dark and stormy can reach up to a three month waiting period.

Being proactive about safety and protection from severe weather and dangerous storms can certainly pay off. Nothing provides more peace of mind than having an interior safe room or storm shelter to retreat to in case of a tornado threat or similar severe weather. It can make tornado season less stress-filled, and provide you and your family with a sense of calm knowing that you have a place to go.

Don't wait until the waiting list is long! The months where Texas sees few tornadoes are the best time to order your shelter, as you'll be far less likely to be placed on a waiting list, and your shelter will arrive much sooner than it would when we are experiencing larger influxes of orders. The perfect time to order your tornado shelter is when the sky is clear and sunny, and you have plenty of time to prepare for the active storm season.

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