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Real questions and real answers about exterior concrete sheltes

US Storm Shelters is a Texas-based manufacturing facility and installer of exterior concrete storm shelters and interior steel safe rooms. We frequently receive questions regarding our concrete shelters asking about their construction, but mainly about the safety and security that they offer from dangerous storms and tornadoes. Here are just a few:

Question #1: "Is your concrete shelter rated to withstand a direct hit from a big tornado?"
Answer: Yes, all of our exterior concrete shelters are rated EF-5 and can withstand a direct hit from a tornado of up to 250 MPH. The shelter exceeds FEMA recommended standards and is constructed of 6,500 PSI concrete with fiber mesh and reinforced with 3/8" iron rebar every 9-12 inches. They also include waterproofing for up to 40+ years.

Question #2: "How many people can comfortably fit into a concrete shelter?"
Our concrete shelters are designed for up to 12 people effectively. The interior height is over 6' x 2" and the interior space is 6' x 8' in size. In addition, the 10 gauge steel door and handy stair railing provides safe access from the outside.

Question #3: "Can the top of the shelter get sucked off, or can the door get sucked open?"
We've hear this question often, but are fairly certain it comes from the well-known movie "Twister" which has some vivid imagery of such a situation. We're glad to answer an emphatic "No, the top or door cannot be sucked off the concrete shelter." While the movies provide a dramatic-action portrayal, our shelter's are just not as exciting as the movies, but they do provide real safety.

Send us or call us with your questions. We're always able and willing to answer any that you might have in regards to our products and installation. We are serious about your protection.

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