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>> Recent News Urges Caution When Choosing a Storm Shelter Installer.

Why it pays to ask questions about your storm shelter installer

Unfortunately, all storm shelter installers and manufacturers do not meet the standards set up by government and can leave customers unsure of what to ask for or even worse, can lead to unforeseen problems and expenses.

We always recommend any prospective customer we come in contact with to ask any and all questions not only for their overall safety in protecting their family, but to be an informed storm shelter customer.

Read more about out the recent article from local here for information about impact testing shelters and recommended consumer tips.

Why Is It Important to Make Sure That Your Shelter Provider Is Covered By The ATSA?

In addition to impact testing our shelters, US Storm Shelters is also a Producing Member of the American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA) and our shelters qualify for most grant programs. All of our products have been fully tested for design and impact quality and have withstood the rigors of both simulated and real storm damage. Our trained and expert staff deliver quality and ensure that the safety of the product is first and foremost.

The American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA) is a non-profit organization that requires members to abide by government standards to pass testing standards. Ask us about our certification and be an informed storm shelter customer.

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