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>> Multiple Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas

EF-3 or Greater - Largest tornadoes this year

Arkansas was hit on the evening of April 27th leaving an approximate 100-mile path of devastation killing at least 17 people. A meteorologist with the National Weather Service stated that the storm was most likely the strongest in the nation so far this year. The EF-3 or greater rated tornado with winds up to 136 mph. destroyed cars, trucks and 18-wheelers along Interstate 40 north of Little Rock.

In addition, another tornado in Oklahoma, and crossing into Kansas destroyed more than 100 homes and injured up to 25 people. A diagram of the two noted tornadoes that impacted Kansas, Okalhoma and Arkansas can be seen here.

The National Weather Service also warned that possible tornadoes, heavy and damaging winds as well as possible large hail could hit portions of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana on Monday.

View a few of the captured videos in the news regarding the multiple tornadoes below:

Vilonia Tornado - April 27, 2014

Arkansas Tornado Damage Aerial Video - April 27, 2014

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