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>> Slow Moving Storm Systems Continue to Bring Tornadoes to the South and MidWest States

National Weather Service states EF-3 and EF-4 rated tornadoes and high power winds

The slow moving storm system and long track tornadoes that started on Sunday, April 27 and continuing to Tuesday, April 29. Within these dangerous storms there are multiple slow moving storms which are creating some long-track damage on the ground covering parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida.

As of Tuesday evening, April 29, tornado warnings were issued for Pensacola, Florida and the National Weather Service listed 8 tornadoes touching down in eastern North Carolina. These tornadoes and high winds were responsible for widespread flash flooding, flattened homes and businesses, uprooted trees, flipped vehicles and the destruction isn't over yet. The National Weather Service issued an EF-4 rated tornado that struck the Louisville, Miss., area, providing up to 166-220 mph., winds. The overall death toll is estimated at approximately 36 to date.

The NOAA's National Weather Service also expects damaging storms and a couple of tornadoes through eastern Carolinas and Chesapeake Bay Area as the slow moving storms move east on Wednesday.

Keep a wary eye out for more notices from The National Weather Service

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