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>> Double tornado disaster for Pilger, Nebraska

EF4 tornadoes brought destruction to town

The National Weather Service reported that two, EF-4 similar sized tornadoes touched down northeast Nebraska on Monday, June 16 killing at least two people and injuring up to 19 others in its widespread wake. An unusual occurrence of having two twisters separated by a mile at one point, at similar strength and appearing to be traveling together for a long distance. And from ground eye witnesses, the two tornadoes were tracking together and on the ground at the same time.

From news reports, up to or more than half the town is "absolutely gone" and leaving a complete mess in other areas. Evidently, the tornadoes moved through downtown Pilger and destroyed every business standing. Both tornadoes brought wind up to 200 mph that leveled portions of the downtown and surrounding areas.

While it is common for large and violent tornadoes to form multiple funnels which tend to rotate around each other, these two in Pilger, Nebraska were separated by between 2 and 3 miles and were spawned by the same super-cell thunderstorm. There was a famous case of twin tornadoes back in 1965 that hit Elkhart County, Indiana which also caused EF-4 damage and killed approximately 14 people.

The following day on Tuesday another tornado touches down in Coleridge, while causing damage, but not near the extent to the two that hit Pilger on Monday.

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