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What to expect and prepare for when installing your home

Customers frequently ask us about the time, complexity and process it takes to install their concrete shelter on their property in addition to what's involved when the time comes to install it. Well, we're more than happy to answer your questions as well as provide you a quick overview of how U.S. Storm Shelters experienced crews go through the process of installation from the time we arrive at your home until we provide you the finished product and tour.

Initially, our installation crew arrives on site, with recommended locations for installing your concrete shelter. Normally, we ask you to select up to 3 possible locations and prior to arrival, we have already reviewed satellite imagery for size and footprint of your property in preparation. We recommended scoping out an area approximately 32' ft x 54' ft in size and one that is easily convenient for you and your family to reach it safely in the event of a dangerous storm or tornado warning.

After determining the selected area and accessibility, our standard installation includes an approximate 3.5 hours to complete. Depending upon heavy rock breaking or removal that require additional equipment and time is not included and would have to be estimated at the time of the installation.

Good things to remember and prepare for in addition to your possible selected locations include obtaining the proper or required permits that your city or municipality requires. Normally, in-city locations require permits, while locations outside cities do not normally require a permit, but it is best to check with your local permit office.

If you want to see a standard installation process for a better idea, visit our Installation page here.

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