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What is the process of installing a steel personal safe room

U.S. Storm Shelters are able to install steel interior safe rooms and personal shelters within an existing home or commercial building as well as a new construction site. Basically, anywhere you have a concrete slab floor area with a height clearance of the size of the safe room. Normally, an interior safe room or personal shelter can be installed within a single day.

The individual safe room will be assembled from pieces and erected on site. The individual pieces are sized to be carried downstairs, through hallways and into basements, closets or garage spaces to be assembled and built into the walls and floor spaces.

We recommend that you already have a pre-seleted space in mind prior to ordering, since the door placement will be needed to determine best positioning and access for your safe room. Once on site, our experienced installers will go to work building and installing your safe room into your home or office, assembling and adhering it to the available structure.

Once installed, you and your family or employees will have instant access to safety without leaving your home or office. In addition, your U.S. Storm shelter can be removed and relocated in the event that you move in the future. Of course, dis-assembling and re-assembling charges would apply, but your safe room can protect you wherever you go.

If you want to see a standard installation process for a better idea, visit our Installation page here.

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