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Check into the details about your storm shelter installer or manufacturer

In the past several years, tornado shelter installers have abounded across much of North Texas, Oklahoma and other southern and mid-west states due to the damaging nature of tornadoes and dangerous storms. And while the federal government doesn't endorse a specific type of shelter, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) does set safety standards that are required to be met by any storm shelter manufacturer or installation company.

Here are few things that many news organizations have recommended to be reviewed by home or business owners looking to purchase and install a storm or tornado shelter and how U.S. Storm Shelters meets or exceeds each qualification.

Manufacturer vs Installer: Some businesses are simply installers and have no direct ties to the manufacturer. U.S. Storm Shelters is both manufacturer AND installer and all shelters or safe rooms meet or exceed FEMA's recommended safety standards.

Impact Tested and Approved: Many storm shelters and safe room look alike, but some have not undergone any impact-base testing on the materials, hinges, doors or bolts.

Certification Standards and Associations: The tornado shelter installer you look for should be a member or a non-profit and certified organization such as American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA) or the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) which provide both certification and documents to validate both the installer and the shelter. U.S. Storm Shelter is a producing member of the ATSA and has been certified as a manufacturer/installer of tornado shelters.

Payment vs Deposit: Most people understand the need for a "deposit" when purchasing expensive equipment. However, some storm shelter installers require or request up to 1/2 payment up front and then can delay their installation or not provide a time-line for installing the shelter. U.S.Storm Shelter does require a small deposit prior to installation, and final payment upon delivery.

Family-owned and operated, U.S. Storm Shelters is a locally-based in North Texas and has been manufacturing and installing exterior concrete tornado and storm shelters as well as interior steel safe rooms in homes and offices since 2005. Our products are fully tested for design and impact quality and our trained and experienced installers will ensure timely and quality installation of your tornado shelter or safe room.

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