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>> What About Installing A Small 2-4 Person Interior Safe Room or Storm Shelter?

Small Safe Room, Small Footprint and Small Price

Over the years, U.S. Storm Shelters has answered requests for a small and secure personal safe room that could fit into a home or office closet that still deliver the safety and personal security of a larger tornado shelter. In addition, the requests are for an inexpensive option for home owners that won't break their budget.

So, for the last several years, we have offered the "Mighty Mite I, II or III personal safe rooms that can accommodate from 2 to 4 standing adults securely. The Mighty Mite is designed for rugged protection and include the same EF-5 certification that our larger storm shelters have, while providing various options for a smaller footprint within small interior spaces. And our Mighty Mite pricing starts at only $2.995 including installation.

The Mighty Mite series safe rooms are specifically designed for easy installation inside your existing home or business office and are installed on your concrete slab foundation and anchored using the same Hilti« system used on our larger, full-size safe rooms. They also come with standard interior LED light and optional dual Kwikset deadbolt locks.

So, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for personal safety and security in your home or office that comes in a smaller space and price, contact U.S. Storm Shelters about the Mighty Mite series personal safe rooms.

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