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>> Wholesale manufacturer of concrete and steel tornado shelters

Wholesale resellers and trained installers trust U.S. Storm Shelters

Being a manufacture of concrete and steel tornado shelters, a U.S Storm Shelter customer or wholesale resellers and installers can be assured of the overall quality and compliance of our shelters. In addition, our shelters are fully qualified for all known rebate programs. And rebates typically cover up to 50% of the cost of the shelter to an end user.

When it comes to true assurance and peace of mind in protecting the lives of families, it is good to know that U.S. Storm Shelters meet or exceed FEMA 320 / ICC 500 specifications for tornado shelters. And our Compliance Certificates are available with the installation of both concrete and steel storm shelters.

Due to our history of providing quality and certified storm shelters, many large companies and municipalities have continued to purchase from U.S. Storm Shelters. Among those include businesses in the energy industry, where gas and oil field employees throughout Texas and Oklahoma are provided with valuable protection with the safety and security of concrete and steel tornado shelters.

U.S. Storm Shelters offers to select wholesale resellers and trained installers a reduced pricing on our inventory of both external concrete shelters and internal steel shelters. And Certificates of Compliance are available for both at the request of either the installer or wholesale reseller. For more information, contact U.S. Storm Shelter at (800) 379-9712.

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