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Watch and see a happy home-owner

At U.S. Storm Shelters, our installers have overcome a variety of challenges when installing concrete shelters in unique places on a customers property. For the most part, installation proceeds smoothly in about 3.5 hours and standard installation is included in the price of the concrete shelter.

Our experienced installers are pros and look to verify first through satellite imagery to determine 2-3 site options for your new in-ground shelter. In some cases, local permits can be required, so we will recommend that homeowners inside city limits do a quick check with their local city or municipality to be sure.

Once the site is selected, our installers mark off the footprint on the surface of the ground and proceed to digging on the location, installing the shelter and finishing with smoothing the surrounding mound so that it blends in with the land around it.

Take a look enjoy a brief view of the U.S. Storm Shelters concrete shelter installation process from the eyes of one of our happy customers.

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