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U.S. Storm Shelters has had standard performance exterior testing for storm shelter doors, hatches, welds, and hinges in order to test the strength capabilities of its steel doors. Impact testing incorporates hurtling a high-velocity, 4 meter "missile-like" projectile at the door, hinges, and latches at a 68.0MPH or practically 100 feet per second. Each impact resulted in "no rupture" and "no penetration" into the steel door and parts. This provided U.S. Storm Shelters with a passing result and qualifying assurance to customers that their storm shelter is able to withstand a high-impact, direct hit to the most vulnerable portion of the storm shelter, the door or hatch.

The company that performed the impact testing procedure with full test report documentation is Architectural Testing, Inc. They provide independent testing, product certification, quality assurance, professional engineering services, forensic investigation and building code compliance evaluations for products and construction quality verification. One of their specialties includes high-intensity debris testing of materials to prevent personal injury damage and provides expertise including a comprehensive range of impact testing on a wide range of building products.

You can be confident that a U.S. Storm Shelter product has been thoroughly tested and approved for your safety and security during the storm.

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