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High-quality materials make the difference in personal safe room construction

Every U.S. Storm Shelters personal safe room has been debris impacted tested, ATSA certified and rated for EF-5 and is built with high-quality steel frames, locks, walls and bolts to ensure safety and security for its occupants in the event of an intruder or dangerous storm. In addition, they are engineer evaluated, wheelchair accessible, and are similar to a bank vault to provide immediate access when the need arises.

Custom-home builders, like DR Moss Custom Homes, recommends U.S. Storm Shelters for our quality construction, and frequently puts our shelters in their custom homes. We provide easy installation inside existing homes or businesses and our safe rooms can be constructed on-site and attached to the built-in concrete slab foundation. All U.S. Storm Shelters safe rooms are designed as component units and allow for customization and excellent safety without expensive remodeling.

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