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>> What things to put in your storm shelter?

We offer this short list of "must-haves" for your storm shelter checklist

With dangerous weather or tornadoes that might occur and in the event that you might be trapped inside your storm shelter, you will have wanted to prepare to have a few things on hand. While your favorite family picture book might be of great value or that expensive computer weighs on your mind, these things will occupy more space and fall short of the life-saving and necessary tools to help you and your family. We provide these certain items as a recommendation only.

First, make sure you have a enough stored water bottles in your storm shelter or personal safe room. Allow enough to supply your whole family just in case a long stay is needed. Water is your primary necessity, more important than food.

Second, while water is of primary importance, the next item on the list is some non-perishable foods that can keep without spoiling. Consider things like dried fruit, crackers, energy bars, granola bars, etc. Try to contain them in sealed jars or containers. Make sure if you have pets to include food and water for them as well.

Third, you can't go wrong with a well stocked first-aid kit or go bag, including the essentials like bandages, antibacterial ointment, rubbing alcohol and gauze. Remember, this would also include necessary prescription medicines.

Fourth, consider having pillows, blankets and some protective clothing. This can make a long stay within a shelter more bearable.

Lastly, most people keep a small safe or box to store your important identification information such copies of birth certificates, social security cards, wills, and other hard-to-replace documents. It's a good idea to house these safely, and where else makes a safe place than a storm shelter.

Of course these are only a start to your list, but the goal is to help plan now and have these things in place if the need arises and to lessen the worry and focus on your personal safety.

One more thing...a self contained, flushing camp toilet can make life much easier for a family with children if you find you will need to be in your shelter for an extended period. ;-)

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