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>> Tornado Alley area possibly ending early than later according to Geophysical Research Letters.

Tornado season may be ending sooner this year

Tornado Alley, which includes northern Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, has earned its name due to its tornado activity each year. Researchers measuring statistics from early May to July from 1959 to 2009 have concluded that the trend has been starting earlier and ending earlier due to current conditions.

In determining a shift in the tornado activity, these researchers findings point to several factors, including topography of the land of where the cooler air impacts the warmer air, especially if spring times are warmer than usual. The location of the jet stream is moved north of where it was positioned in the past, causing the tornado activity to shift as well.

The results have been up to nearly a two-week shift earlier in the season. But the average move for the past 60 years is approximately a 7 day early start to to the season, and a 7 day early end.

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