U.S. Storm Shelters - Recent NEWS:

>> Across parts of Texas and Oklahoma, FEMA approved storm shelters are needed for schools to protect teachers and students

U.S. Storm Shelters can provide school protection with concrete storm shelters

For most rural schools, re-building a school to withstand a E-5 rated tornado or dangerous storm isn't necessarily an option. It's simply too expensive to re-build from the ground up. Some schools have a few storm shelters, but not enough for all teachers and students. In Oklahoma alone, more than 50% of schools do not have adequate storm shelters available.

Some schools have improved current building structures by providing hallways encased in concrete to essentially provide a hallway fortress of sorts that can house many school staff and children. With other schools, building safe rooms or adding expensive additions to their already aging buildings is too much for some communities and municipalities.

U.S. Storm Shelters can provide quality manufactured shelters that are fully tested, exceed FEMA 320 / ICC 500 specifications, that qualify for most grant programs, and provide certified low-cost options for school storm shelter solutions. These shelters can be installed in rows and make best use of the available land around the school. In addition, to assist teachers and administrators with safety drill practice, the doors to the storm shelters are brightly colored and numbered for easy identification for assigned classes and groups.

The certified storm shelters from U.S. Storm Shelters can no doubt provide school districts and municipalities with tight budgets an affordable and solid solution for the protection of teachers, administrators, and children in schools from the dangers of tornadoes and storms.

>> More information about our exterior storm shelters for schools.

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