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>> One Size Can Fit All - Flexible Storm Shelter Solutions from U.S. Storm Shelters

Personal Safe Rooms Offer Perfect Sizes for Any Location

Looking to increase your home's safety and security with a customizable, perfect fit internal safe room or storm shelter? U.S. Storm Shelters offers perfect custom sizes great for that panic room, tornado shelter, or gun safe for your home.

Best of all, your home's interior safe room is designed as component units and can be built on-site into your home, business or complex without the need for expensive or extensive remodeling.

Each storm shelter or safe room is securely connected to your home or business' concrete slab foundation and provides safety and security where you need it. In addition, each safe room comes standard with dual deadbolt locks, a 32" wide door that opens from the inside, and are accessible for wheelchairs. Our safe rooms have been tested and rated for EF-5 storms and have undergone debris impact testing and are all ATSA certified.

With a variety of custom sizes starting from 4' x 4' and ranging up to a full size 8' x 8' all with an exterior height of 7' and interior ceiling of 6' 9", your U.S. Storm Shelters safe room will provide just the right size for the right location to fit your needs.

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