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>> Where do recommendations for storm shelters and safe rooms come from?

Well, from our satisfied customers, of course!

Our customers are one of our best sources of referrals. It's with certainty that a good product and even better overall customer service gets around when it comes to investing in and providing protection for your home or business. That's why we take pride in a U.S. Storm Shelters manufactured and installed concrete shelter or interior personal safe room.

We hear it all the time, from satisfied customers of our personal safe rooms and exterior, in-ground storm shelters, how happy and thoroughly pleased they are with their new safe room quality, attention to detail, hard-working crew during installation, and even the politeness of answering customer safety and manufacturing questions.

Best of all, we love to hear of past customers who write or tell us that they will gladly recommend U.S. Storm Shelters to "their family, neighbors, and friends." It tells us that not only that the customer is overall pleased with the product and service, but so much, that they trust us with their family and friends as well. We truly appreciate all the reviews and testimonials we have received over the year. This is what keeps us producing such high-quality storm shelter products and providing exceptional, courteous customer service every day.

Take a look at a sampling of some of our past customer comments and testimonials.

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