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>> Safety and security from a reliable storm shelter begins with a certified manufacturer and installer.

American Tornado Shelter Association certified installer

When it comes down to protecting your family and home, safety and security comes from the quality of a certified shelter and dedicated installation company and crew. At U.S. Storm Shelters, we manufacture and install ATSA (American Tornado Shelter Association) quality storm shelters to ensure our customers safety and security.

The ATSA is a non-profit organization that regulates the sales of manufactured storm shelters to assure home and business owners of quality products and safe practices are adhered to in the production of storm shelters. These regulations are provided directly to those customers seeking a government rebate. Storm shelter customers located in Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri have producing members of ATSA manufacturers and contractors and can make use of valuable standards set up by the government to help customer avoid unforeseen issues and expenses down the road.

If you are a Texas home owner or business owner looking for an ATSA certified member, and looking for available rebate organizations, we recommend contacting a few local resources here. If or when you have questions about how to protect your family, home, or business from dangerous storms or tornadoes, contact one of our staff at U.S. Storm Shelters. We would be glad to answer any of your questions about our quality manufacturing or storm shelter installation process.

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