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Every U.S. Storm Shelter is installed by our professional and experienced crew, and represents part of the overall quality work and customer service that we provide. Far before we break ground on location, we have scouted out the surrounding areas and discussed with you about accessible, appropriate, and convenient places for your storm shelter to be installed. In addition, before we arrive, we check with you about any necessary local permits needed for your property as well. If a permit is needed, most cities provide a simple process to acquire one and can usually get them issued within a weeks time before our installation crew arrives.

Once our installation crew arrives on site, we will meet and discuss with you and finalize the site location with you and begin digging the hole for the concrete shelter. Our staff is free to answer any questions you have during the process and will explain each step with you before we begin. Normally we require dry ground and weather to perform the installation of an in-ground storm shelter. Standard installation pricing includes up to 3 1/2 hours to complete. Any large rock breaking or removal may require additional time and cost as well as additional equipment. Once the installation is complete, we will prepare the surrounding area, smoothing over the above ground portion and provide a smooth-mounded surface to nicely merges into the in-ground storm shelter.

Lastly, our staff will walk you through the storm shelter features, accessibility, and be glad to answer any additional questions you have. We take pride in our work, from the manufacturing process and over-the-phone customer service to the final installation process. We've received numerous compliments and accolades about the entire installation process and how it was both a welcomed relief to have the safety and security of the storm shelter, but also to be impressed with the overall service from start to finish that U.S. Storm Shelters provided.

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