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>> Quality and Security in Personal Safe Room Construction.

Quality construction = safety and security

By its name, a personal safe room should provide a level of safety and security from either dangerous storms or tornadoes, or an unwanted home or business intrusion. Today, people are using safe rooms more and more for not only personal safety, but storing and ensuring the security of a variety of valuables. Our goal at U.S. Storm Shelters is to provide you and your family safety and security no matter what you put in the personal safe room. That's why our safe room construction is aimed at securing all 4 sides of your personal safe room to your slab foundation within your home to provide convenient and immediate access when needed. Our personal safe rooms can be installed, disassembled, and re-installed if you decide to move.

Quality construction is of the highest importance to us, so our personal safe rooms are constructed of 8" wide, structural steel "C" channels bolted into 1/4" thick angle iron frames with 1/2" grade 5 bolts. These 8" channels in the walls, roof and doors provide a total of 2 1/4" reinforced ribs every 8" throughout the entire safe room. In addition, U.S. Storm Shelters safe rooms have been debris impact tested and American Tornado Shelter Association certified and rated for EF-5 storms for utmost safety and security. We also offer a variety of personal safe room sizes, from our smallest Mighty Mite dimension of 26.5" x 38.5" - 2 standing adults up to our full-size safe room of 8' x 8' size. All of our safe rooms have an exterior height of 7' ft. with an interior ceiling height of 6'9".

While providing a variety of sizing options, personal safe rooms are also great options for personal gun safes, security vaults, as well as panic or safe rooms in your home or business. View our available size options of personal safe rooms and contact U.S. Storm Shelters to discuss what the best option is for you. We are glad to answer any questions you may have.

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