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>> Dangerous Winter Weather Storms & Tornadoes Hit the Deep South

Multiple tornadoes, high winds and flooding cause damages before Christmas

It's true that tornadoes are more prevalent in the southern states and tornado frequency peaks during the March through May months. The recent storm in Columbia, Mississippi on Tuesday, December 23 spawned 5 reported tornadoes, some rating EF2 with 125 mph winds. The damages ranged from road closures, downed power lines, flipped cars, and damaged businesses, along with 5 reported deaths caused by the tornadoes. Reports noted that it was the deadliest tornado event in December to occur in Mississippi since 1953, where 38 people were killed.

NOAA reports relayed up to 70 storm reports that extended across the deep south on December 23, and the governor, Phil Bryant, issued a state of emergency for the Marion and Jones counties due to the damages. Additionally, the dangerous storms spouted an EF2 tornado that was reported in Amite City, Louisiana with winds topping 115mph, and another like it in North Carolina. The line of dangerous storms exhibited extreme winds, funnel clouds, flooding, and other possible tornadoes which caused damages extending through Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Kentucky.

It's also true that no place is completely safe from tornadoes, and they can happen anywhere regardless of the terrain. However, you can increase your safety and security by installing a proven solution like an exterior concrete tornado shelter or interior steel safe room.

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