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>> Interior Safe Room Customized Sizes Fit Your Safety Needs

Personal Safe Rooms Offer Perfect Sizes for Any Location

Our personal safe rooms are specifically designed to fit the needs of existing interior spaces in your home or business. Since they are erected on your concrete slab foundation, we most likely have the perfect size and configuration for you to provide security and immediate access to safety from a storm or intruder. U.S. Storm Shelters safe rooms are aimed at saving you money by avoiding the high-cost of expensive remodeling or renovation. As an added bonus, our personal safe rooms can be disassembled and relocated and can move with you and be re-assembled at your new location.

Spacing and configuration for small personal safe rooms are easy. Our Mighty Mite I safe room, which normally fits conveniently into a closet, is sized to occupy two standing adults. The Mighty Mite II holds 3 standing adults, and our Mighty Mite III can hold up to 4 standing adults. Many customers find the Mighty Mite series great for gun safes, security vaults, or panic safe rooms.

All U.S. Storm Shelters Safe Rooms are made to withstand EF-5 tornadoes, built using Hilti« 1/2" bolts and with LED lighting, they are wheel-chair accessible and are fully tested and ATSA certified. Our standard sizes range from 4' x 4' to 8' x 8' square, or they can be built in sizes in-between.

Contact U.S. Storm Shelters to discuss which convenient size options offer the best fit for your home or business needs. We'll take care of the assembly and customized installation and you can enjoy the safety, security, and peace of mind.

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