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Storm shelter installations are challenging and rewarding for us and for customers

Every installation is different and each location brings a variety of possible challenges. However, when you have the type of dedicated personnel and certified storm shelter installers we do, the unique challenges that arise during installation oftentimes bring about a customer's appreciation and complete satisfaction. We frequently receive a pouring out of thankfulness from happy customers who observed and/or monitored and spoke with our installation crew throughout the installation process and were not only pleased with the results, but were willing to provide their feedback.

We are most certainly glad to hear the many customer testimonials regarding the installers courtesy, their attention to detail, their clean up, and their prompt arrival and departure time. On the unique occasion we experience a real challenge for our installation crew, the reward in the end surpasses our customers expectations and ours as well.

Take for example one of our recent installations where we installed a concrete storm shelter on-site and integrated into the home's external stairs so well, it's almost invisible. This custom-built solution allowed the homeowner to incorporate the concrete storm shelter structure to serve as a base for the porch and descending stairs. Nicely fit and easily accessible, this custom-fit solution for safety and security also added curb appeal and additional functionality to the home. Nicely done!

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