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>> U.S. Storm Shelters Expands Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing excellence and certified safety for our customers

We are starting off 2015 at U.S.Storm Shelters by expanding the manufacturing capabilities and inventory space. Since we began manufacturing our storm shelters ourselves, we have grown over the years and begun to expand up to the limits of our facilities and were in need of more space for manufacturing, engineering, assembly, and overall quality control. With our recent remodeling, we will soon have greater room for both growth and capacity.

In addition to soon having the expanded space, it also allows U.S. Storm Shelters to service more to the wholesale market purchases throughout Texas and surrounding states such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and more. Our wholesale customers can now get access to our quality storm shelters quickly and know that our structures meet and exceed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards for storm shelter safety and are some of the very best on the market today. Being an ATSA certified manufacturer and installer, we can assure our customers of a quality product from design, construction, and all the way through installation.

A big thank you to our happy customers and wholesale partners for helping U.S. Storm Shelters make a great decade of superior storm shelter products, certified installations, and dedicated customer service.

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