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>> Another Year to Appreciate Our Customers

Appreciation is a two-way relationship for U.S. Storm Shelters

Reflecting on a new year in 2015 immediately calls to attention the comments, notes of thanks, and testimonials from customers over the past year. We talk about how we like to receive kudos from customers on how well their installation went, how courteous and well-mannered the installation crew is, or the level of customer service they received throughout the entire process. We continue to get those customer quotes and messages that are amazed at how smoothly the installation process went and even the promptness of our crew's arrival and departure time.

We know that our customers pay attention to the details. That is why we pay attention to the details. From our initial communications to the planning, arrival time, installation details, and answering technical questions about the storm shelter specifications and manufacturing process, we pour ourselves into providing our customers with the best storm shelter product AND overall service and support there is. What continues to remain a theme within comments from our customers is that they are so pleased that they are willing and ready to share their experience with families and friends. Their desire to pass on a good recommendation from the work and experience with U.S. Storm Shelters is what tells us we have done well.

The staff and crew at U.S. Storm Shelters truly thrives on the feedback from satisfied customers. We thank our customers for their comments and willingness to share their experience with others. Know that you help us continue to do the same for your friends and families with every good word.

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