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Building and installing a better storm shelter is definitely in the details

From concrete storm shelters to interior personal safe rooms, when building and manufacturing quality shelters, we want our prospective customers and wholesale dealers to see the detailed specifics that we put into every storm shelter. Why? Because it's the details that set us apart and not only help to ensure safety and security for our customers from tornadoes and dangerous storms, but it also distinguishes us as one of the best products on the market.

Our site includes an extensive listing of the types of products, safety features, materials, individual parts, coatings, finishes and overall capabilities included in the process of making our shelters. This is the best way for our customers to be assured of their product quality and view construction specifications, while at the same time allowing us to provide the up-front details and display the attention to detail that we put into personal safe rooms and external concrete shelters. Many storm shelter manufacturers show you great pictures of an installed shelter, but may not provide the construction details. We want to distinguish U.S. Storm Shelters' products from the rest. We build one of the best storm shelter products available and we want you to know about it. Of course, we do like to note that we have some of the best qualified and dedicated installers as well, but that's another subject.

In addition to the safety and security of a storm shelter or safe room, we strive to meet and/or exceed the Federal Emergency Management Agency, better known as FEMA's regulations for storm shelters. Also, we make sure our storm shelter products are tested and certified by the American Tornado Shelter Association. U.S. Storm Shelters is a producing member of the ATSA and has had extensive impact testing as part of the certification process to determine that our shelters can withstand tornado-force wind and debris.

Before you buy a personal safe room or storm shelter for your family or business, look at the details and check out the manufacturer and installer. We are glad to answer any of your questions and our customer service is always willing to talk with you about your storm shelter.

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