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Personal safe room accessibility and security

Do you have a safe place to go? Whether from an intruder or a storm, safety and security for in-home access provides the right protection for you and your family. Normally called "safe rooms" or "panic rooms", U.S. Storm Shelter's personal safe rooms come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Aimed at providing secure and stable safety from dangerous storms or intruders, these solid steel structures can be anchored in your home closet, garage or positioned almost anywhere in your home to provide easy access for your personal safety.

Our personal safe rooms have been debris impact tested and are built to withstand EF-5 rated tornado force winds. Basically, think of a safe room as a steel box, or a bank vault with 6 sides and a door, which are securely anchored into your home's foundation. Additionally, if you decide to move from your home, your personal safe room can be disassembled and reassembled at your new location if you so decide.

If you are considering a personal safe room for your home or family. Take a look at the various sizes and configurations we offer and let us help you discuss your options for what best suits you.

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