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Preparing for your safety in advance - Your personal security plan

While U.S. Storm Shelters gladly manufactures certified and tested storm shelter products and personal safe rooms, we are also proponents of recommending to customers to have a prepared safety guideline or strategy in the event of a dangerous storm or tornado or a possible intruder enters your home. If you have considered purchasing a storm shelter or safe room for your home or family, we would also like to recommend some other items to plan for that include both supplies but good practice measures so you will be prepared better for the unexpected.

For example, below is a short list of items to consider having in your external or internal storm shelter or safe room:

  • Stock emergency supplies - such as antibiotics, bandages, gauze, etc.

  • Keep flashlights and batteries on hand

  • Cell phones on hand as well as radio devices

  • Water bottles and some form of non-perishable food items

  • Blankets or pillows in the event it is a longer stay

  • Know your local police and emergency phone numbers and emergency contact list

  • Possible change of clothes

  • Plans for pets

Of course this is simply some considered options, but would we would also encourage you to practice the route to safety with your children so that everyone is aware of the process and will be better prepared in the event it is needed. For more information about storm preparedness, visit the information here. And when you are ready to purchase your interior safe room or external storm shelter, contact one of our customer service representatives to discuss your options.

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