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As we enter the coming tornado season beginning this Spring 2015, U.S. Storm Shelters is in full swing to schedule and distribute throughout Texas and the mid-west. Our storm shelters are manufactured to exceed FEMA standards and are constructed with 6,500 PSI concrete with fiber along with 3/8" rebar on 9" and 12" centers throughout. Each shelter weighs an approximate 12,000 lbs., and include 3" thick walls, 4" thick floor and ceiling, and self-sealing leak protection for at least 40 years.

Many storm shelter installers, like their customers, take confidence in our ATSA (American Tornado Shelter Association) certification standard as well as the assurance a fully impact-tested engineered storm shelter product adds to their affordable options for customers seeking a quality in-ground storm shelter. In addition, U.S. Storm Shelters offers in-state and out-of-state distribution options for quality installation crews and companies with a ready supply of stock in order to fulfill all the requests for homeowners and businesses during the busy tornado season.

If your company is seeking a trusted manufacturing source for in-ground concrete storm shelters, talk with our customer service by calling (800) 379-971 and ask us about our wholesale storm shelter pricing, options and shipment capabilities so you can be ready for the upcoming season.

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