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>> Potentially dangerous tornado season on its way in 2015

Be ready, be safe and be aware

Recently near Tulsa and within parts of Moore, Oklahoma early on March 26, a slew of dangerous storms and damaging winds that passed through were part of a larger storm front that extended through the Ozarks into Arkansas. The storm left severe damage outside Tulsa sending approximately 10 people to the hospital and leaving one death. The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management reported approximately 80,000 homes were without power due to the raging storms. Additional tornadoes were spotted in other parts of Oklahoma and into Arkansas as well.

Normally, during the early part of tornado season and starting in March, we would have seen approximately 120 tornadoes, whereas in 2015, that number is diminished greatly as the current tornado count for the year hovers around a few dozen identified for the season. While that is certainly a welcomed relief, seasons tend to change quickly as we enter the real tornado season for much of the mid west states in the U.S.

It's certain that dangerous storms and tornadoes will come; the difference is in the preparation. If you have considered adding a secure and safe place for you, your family or co-workers to withstand the danger and destruction brought on by tornadoes and dangerous winds, we recommend talking with one of our helpful staff members at U.S. Storm Shelters, where we can answer your questions and better acquaint you with the options you have in getting an interior safe room or exterior and in-ground concrete storm shelter for your home or business.

Now is the best time to consider getting a storm shelter since it is the beginning of the season and our requests will fill up quickly, delaying the normal response time in which we are scheduling installations.

Talk with someone from our friendly customer service department and let's get you scheduled quickly to prepare you for 2015's potentially dangerous storm season.

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