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Texas Sees a Plethora of Dangerous Tornadoes Flood the Month of May

From early to late May, multi-day storms hit Texas, Oklahoma, and up through the Iowa and Kansas northern plains, bringing with them tornadoes and heavy flooding. Each storm seemed consistent with similar features of rain, lightning strikes and tornadoes, bringing some towns to their knees. In addition, these storms and tornadoes left a path of destruction including the evacuation of city areas, and closures of airports, government buildings, college campuses, and highways. These storms were also responsible for damaging and destroying homes, flipping cars and damaging buildings, leaving many hospitalized and several killed during this dangerous and damaging month of May.

Storm chasers were out en masse and weather reporters identified more than 70 tornadoes ranging from EF-1 up to some EF-3 with 165 mph winds delivering havoc where they travelled. Even Nashville and Arkansas saw EF-2 tornadoes with upwards of 135 mph winds destroying a mobile home park and killing two. The National Weather Service reported that the city of Van, Texas received the most damage where residents in this near Dallas suburb were given mere minutes to find shelter after hearing the tornado siren sound. Approximately 30% of the town was destroyed including up to 100 homes and many people were left injured. The storm that traveled through Van was only one of many that swept across north Texas and parts of the plains on Sunday, bringing with it reported tornadoes and heavy flooding.

We recommend staying tuned into your local news, and the NOAA weather radio for up to the minute forecasts in your areas. June appears to have some of the same types of storms possibly on the horizon. Stay informed and stay safe.

Check out our recent article on staying tuned into weather and radio forecasts. And remember to make your own plan for storm preparedness.

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