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March to September within the mid-west and Southern states is generally known as tornado season. Information from NOAA research has indicated that there are fewer tornado days, however those days are more active in terms of clustered outbreaks. The statistics on EF-1 tornadoes in the U.S. has fallen from approximately 150 days on average in 1970 to about 100 days in the 2000's. However, researches have found that days with larger numbers of tornadoes have actually increased over time.

While statistics will vary, it's consistent that tornadoes remain, bringing dangerous storms, damaging winds, and plenty of reasons to provide a safety solution for you and your family in the event that one of these EF-rated tornadoes travels near your home. In addition, having the information on hand to prepare for a disaster event, knowing the available resources, and having an emergency preparedness plan are all excellent ways to stay aware and prepared for dangerous weather. We provide a recommended checklist of things to consider, but would recommend having a list of online sources to keep on hand and be available in the event of a tornado. Some of these include local and government-related sources with important information and resources for before and after a disaster.

The best security from tornadoes and dangerous storms is preparation. Whether that is having a personal safe room or in-ground concrete storm shelter near you, being prepared with the right information, supplies and safety measures will give you peace of mind and more confidence when a dangerous storm or tornado appears near you and your family.

Be prepared, plan, and ask questions on how we can help provide a storm shelter solution that fits your needs, call one of our storm safety experts at U.S. Storm Shelters at (800) 379-9712.

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