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Interior steel safe room and storm shelter with tested construction and durability

U.S. Storm Shelters is a custom storm shelter and safe room manufacturer specifically designed for above-ground installations such as interior closet spaces, garages, or another room within a home or office. It's certainly not a requirement that a storm shelter be below ground in order to protect its occupants. It is a matter, though, of how well the above ground storm shelter is manufactured and installed. That's where a certified and tested manufacturer of safe rooms makes the difference.

All U.S. Storm Shelters above ground safe rooms are designed for efficient installation within your home or business office by attaching to the current concrete slab foundation. They come in a variety of sizes from small 2.2' x 3.2' Mighty Mite to a larger and roomy 8' x 8' size. Much like a bank vault, a U.S. Storm Shelter safe room is constructed of 8 wide, structural steel C channels bolted into .22 thick angle iron frames and in the event of a storm or intruder, the door is secured from the interior with tubular steel cross members in addition to two deadbolt locks. Our safe rooms are EF-5 storm rated and engineer evaluated debris impact tested, ATSA certified.

If you're remodeling your home or need to move locations, your above ground safe room can make the move with you. The installation is designed to be disassembled and re-assembled to your new location in the event of a move, or it can be an additional bonus for selling your home for its security investment.

View the variety of sizes of above ground safe rooms from U.S. Storm Shelters as well as the certified and tested construction and dedication to safety for our customers. If you would like to schedule your personal safe room installation, contact one of our storm shelter safety experts at (800) 379-9712 today.

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