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>> Multiple Tornadoes Spotted at Lee

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Multiple tornadoes through Lee's Summit in Missouri on Wednesday night left thousands without power and knocking down trees and taking out power lines. Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries so far after the tornadoes came through a local strip mall, leaving several buildings damaged.

Reports came in to authorities of cars near the location with broken windows, roof hatches pulled off, and businesses gas and electricity lines cut due to the wind. In addition, heavy rains brought flash flooding to the area and authorities had to close roads for a short time.

While no comparison to the flooding that north Texas received a month ago, the dueling danger of tornadoes with damaging wind conditions and flooding rain combines for a very rough night for home and business owners. Early in the evening a local resident filmed a lengthy viewing of the storm cell passing overhead.

The National Weather Service did issue a watch for many parts of west-central Missouri and eastern Kansas, while warnings of tornadoes in the area near Raytown and Warrensburg including severe thunderstorms that moved east. The National Weather Service continues to show risk of elevated flooding again on Thursday for parts of Missouri.

Remember to keep up to date and informed of dangerous storms and possible tornadoes in your area by going to your local news or going to NOAA's web site and just type in your city and state information for the most up-to-date weather conditions.

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