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>> Why it is important to have a regulated storm shelter manufacturer

Ensuring quality products and safe practices in your storm shelter

It's true, when you hear the word "regulation", it normally brings up thoughts of excessive rules, overdone processes, and low quality. However, when you think of providing safety, security and quality in your home's storm shelter, having a reliable third-party source to reinforce the manufactured process of storm shelters is a good thing. That's why U.S. Storm Shelters is a producing member of the American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA).

The ATSA is a non-profit organization and provides third-party quality and safety regulations for the sales and manufacturing of storm shelters to customers. Specifically, ATSA manufacturers who sell storm shelters offer a government rebate and are thereby ensuring that the manufactured storm shelter is maintained at a high level of quality in terms of its consturction, materials and testing. In addition, ATSA producing members ONLY consist of companies who manufacture AND install their own shelters.

ATSA storm shelters cover states in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida and Illinois. U.S. Storm Shelters has been a producing member of the ATSA for several year. That is why being regulated is good for our customers overall, and provides trust in the contractor to provide a reliable storm shelter, with the attention to detail, precision, overall safety, and quality that you and your family rely on in the event of a tornado or dangerous storm. U.S. Storm Shelters safe rooms and concrete storm shelters are designed and engineered to withstand the worst weather conditions and provide needed safety and security year after year for you and your family.

If you would like to talk with one of our storm shelter experts about an interior safe room or external storm shelter for your home, or if you have questions about qualifying for a government rebate for your storm shelter, call us today at (800) 379-9712.

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