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>> Iowa Cold Front Spouts Multiple Tornadoes

Slow moving funnel observed by many through Iowa country side

Long-lasting storm spouted potent thunderstorms and tornado in southern Iowa near Des Moines, late afternoon on Sunday. After severe thunderstorm warnings were issued locally, a large funnel cloud formed into a large tornado that traveled on the ground for up to 25 minutes and was spotted by many visually as it made some damage to homes, barn silos, buildings and a toppled semi-truck on the highway as well as uprooted trees in the area, but no harm came residents of the area. Nearby Union County and Taylor County reported indicated by radar in nearby isolate tornadoes.

During the tornado activity, several severe thunderstorm warnings for central and southern Iowa counties with winds reported at 60 mph, including rain and hail of up to 2.5" inches, close to baseball size and golf ball size around Jasper county. The slow moving cold front clashed with higher than 90 degree temperatures to produce the local storm movement.

Amid the tornadic activity, severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for more than 10 central and southern Iowa counties, leaving reports of 60-mph winds, more than 2 inches of local rainfall and hail up to 2.5 inches in diameter (or near-baseball-sized) in Jasper County. Several locations throughout southern Iowa were reporting golf-ball-sized hail. It was reported that people who saw the tornado remarked that it sounded like a train was roaring through the country, even up to 1 1/2 miles away.

Later in the evening, the National Weather Service issued a cancellation on all Iowa storm weather warnings across Iowa. Remember to stay tuned into the National Weather Service for local weather coverage as well as national weather warnings in your area with The Weather Channel.

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