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>> In-Ground Shelter Price Increase Starting September 1, 2015

Lock in reduced pricing now and save on concrete storm shelters

For several years, U.S. Storm Shelters manufactured concrete in-ground storm shelters. The "Original", has maintained the same production pricing and installation without an increase. However, starting September 1st, there will be a needed pricing increase. However, we are offering the ability for locked-in pricing now if purchased prior to the September 1st date for residential and commercial customers to enable you to SAVE.

We will continue to provide the same production quality and customized manufactured excellence going forward, but due to manufacturing costs and supplies, pricing will need to increase accordingly. Each and every in-ground concrete storm shelter will also continue with the same qualified certification from ATSA and be built to exceed FEMA standards for storm shelters to give our on-going customers true safety and peace of mind in the event of raging storms and tornadoes.

Keep in mind, if you have been considering improving your home's value and increasing the level of safety from dangerous storms with an in-ground storm shelter, then think about locking in your reduced pricing for concrete storm shelters now with U.S. Storm Shelters. Simply call us now and schedule your installation and payment before September first, and we will secure your reduced, current pricing now. Call us with any questions (800) 379-9712or(800) 868-5799.

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