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Safety and accessibility is key for your in-ground storm shelter

We have customers contacting us asking about whether an in-ground storm shelter can work for them if they are within a residential area. Most rural locations have the freedom of available space and the choice of a variety of locations to choose from that would be suitable for installing a storm shelter. In addition, accessibility to install within those locations are surely easier and come with much less difficulty. However, don't let the location scare you away from considering an in-ground storm shelter. Let our customer service representative walk you through the installation process and let us see what options are available for you.

First thing we consider is having an available space of approximately 32' by 54' to start with. Normally the final mounded shelter is about 18' x 22' in size, but factoring in loading and truck accessibility, which has the length of the vehicle at 36' tall by 13.5' high. That being said, we initially check with Google's overhead/satellite view of your particular location to help determine up to 3 possible locations that are accessible and give you both the surface footprint area needed, along with feasible evacuation access for you and your family to get to in the event of a storm.

If enough physical space is there to install an in-ground shelter, and local utilities are not a concern, and there is no issue with accessibility, then it would be best to to consider any local permits required by the city, especially if you are within city limits. If you are outside city limits, no permits are required. However, if space and accessibility just don't seem to work, consider looking at our various sized interior safe rooms can be be installed in most closets, garages or anywhere a concrete slab exists. Another bonus for interior safe rooms is that they are movable. In the event you relocate, the safe room can be disassembled and re-assembled at your new location.

Remember, an in-ground storm shelter installation, or even our interior safe rooms, bring value to your home as well as provide safety and security for those there. Please don't hesitate to call us today at (800) 379-9712or(800) 868-57 and let us help you determine your availability for an in-ground concrete storm shelter or interior safe room from U.S. Storm Shelters.

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