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>> Is there a "best time" to purchase a tornado shelter?

Before a storm shelter is needed is the best time to purchase one.

Typically, tornado season runs from March through June each year for the southern and mid-western states. Normally, storm shelter manufacturing and installation companies tend to slow down during the July through December months. The real answer to the question of "When is the best time to purchase a tornado shelter?" would be BEFORE a dangerous storm or tornado occurs near you. That being said, purchasing a storm shelter or tornado shelter during the off season, when manufacturers and installers slow down, will help ensure that the installation can occur in a more timely manner. This is due to the fact that the busy season tends to put your order months down the road before you can have it installed an ready to use.

Another reason the July-December months would be a good time to purchase is due to the tendency for less rain compared to the wet months during peak season in April - June. Excessive rain brings deepening mud and therefore can cause a halt on installation of storm shelters. Dry and accessible ground makes for a better overall installation when it comes to tornado shelters.

If you've waited through another tornado season this year, and are thinking about the need to be prepared for next year's tornado season, now is a good time to purchase your shelter today and schedule your quick installation time while the climate and conditions are right.

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