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>> Concrete storm shelter manufacturing and quality control testing

Why it is good to work with a storm shelter installation company who controls manufacturing:

There are many serviceable concrete storm shelter installation companies and crews in the industry. However, there are far less who also do their own manufacturing of quality, in-ground concrete storm shelters, and even less companies who follow strict quality control standards like U.S. Storm Shelters.

We readily talk about why U.S. Storm Shelters are well known in the industry for the following:

  • Exceeds FEMA building standards for storm shelter construction
  • Unique "self-healing" concrete additives to prevent and seal cracks that form in a shelter over time
  • Concrete built using 6,500 PSI with fiber and 40+ year rated
    self-sealing waterproofing

  • Use of 10 gauge rust resistant steel door with powder coating
  • Impact tested and producing member of the American Tornado Shelter Association

Manufacturing Quality Control

U.S. Storm Shelters goes the extra mile with every concrete storm shelter we build. From the additional additives and materials used to strengthen the concrete, through the initial concrete casting, to the final assembly and testing. Since testing is important throughout the process of manufacturing, we aim to measure the overall quality at every step of the way.

For example, during the casting process of the mold, once a new base mold is made, our staff pumps it full of re-usable water and allows it to sit within the cast mold for some time to check for minuscule cracks and leaks that are not noticeable to the eye. This process also activates the special additives we incorporate in all of our concrete storm shelters, that automatically "self-heals" any crack or crevice during the hardening process. This formulates a stronger bonded surface, thereby locking out moisture within the concrete barrier for the shelter and its overall exterior surface.

Additionally, we believe whole heartedly in re-using the testing water and through our process, we simply recycle the water from one cast to another during the test as opposed to throwing out the water and starting over, which helps to reduce overall water waste.

So, when you think of purchasing a concrete storm shelter, consider who the manufacturer is and how much they stand behind the quality of the shelter. Remember, when you deal with U.S. Storm Shelters, you deal directly with the retailer, installer AND the manufacturer, all in one company.

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