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>> What is in a quality precast concrete storm shelter?

Built on-site, below ground and on your property

The U.S. Storm Shelters "Original" is our most popular in-ground concrete storm shelter and offers the lowest cost per square foot overall. A customer from Alabama safely sheltered in one during the tornado of 2011, and protected 19 people and 4 dogs while the tornado proceeded to destroy their neighborhood.

We don't necessarily recommend that number people and animals, but there's proof this quality constructed storm shelter can not only do the job, but provide tested proof of its quality. Our "Original" has withstood the "test-of-time", but what are some of the highlights that make it a recognized "best of class" when it comes to precast concrete storm shelters?

Installation Flexibility - The "Original" is precast in molds at our plant. When we bring it to the installation site, we can install it in any number of places on the customers property. We scope out multiple places via satellite imagery beforehand to provide options and viable locations on site for installations.

Manufactured Quality - From the reinforced fibermesh concrete mix, self-healing additives to seal and provide waterproofing for up to 40 years, and the overall quality steel, rebar and powder coating finishes, the Original is made to provide safety for years to come. Additionally, the "Original" is built to exceed FEMA standards for manufactured storm shelters.

Certification & Impact Tested - U.S. Storm Shelter is an ATSA (American Tornado Shelter Association) producing member and our shelters have been certified and tested. Our shelters qualify for most grant programs.

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