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>> U.S. Storm Shelter Interior Safe Rooms offer storm shelter safety as well as home intruder safety.

Safe Rooms in your home or office

While large exterior concrete storm shelters offer excellent safety, a smaller in-home Safe Room may be the best option for your home if exterior land space is a concern. Much like a "bank vault", your U.S. Storm Shelter Safe Room provides ready and convenient access to safety from a storm or from an intruder.

Easily located within a home or business office, a Safe Room provides the excellent safety without the need for expensive remodeling. And if you decide to move, your Safe Room can be disassembled, moved and re-installed at your new home or office location.

All U.S. Storm Shelter Safe Rooms are engineer evaluated, debris impact tested and ATSA certified and are rated for maximum EF-5 storms. And since they serve as more than just a storm shelter, they can easily be used as gun safes, security vaults and panic rooms. With several sizes to select from, a U.S. Storm Shelter Safe Room can be installed almost anywhere within your home or business office.

View the various options and installation costs of a U.S.Storm Shelter Safe Room for your home or office.

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